Mary Taylor
This book opened my eyes to the situation of same gender DV. I had ‘heard’ about it, but it’s only while I was turning the pages that it really hit me that women are not exempt from violent mood swings and neither are we, lesbians. If you’re just in it for the sexy bits, there’s plenty of that 2. Tamara and Emilie are the women in love. The DV moments are about laurel and melissa. There’s also Jill and whats-his-name, the husband. Nothing sexy there. Just life as it is for many of us.
Amazon Customer
Risking-me is really about 2 of the 3 things I most worry about: one is my fear is of ever repeating abusive patterns as I’ve known them for all my life. The other is of putting my emotional self at risk. So, I can say that I found that novel very relevant. Besides, there’s a sex scene in there that set up from the beginning, but…if you’re patient, it’ll come to you as a delicious reward. Very sexy. Myra.
About time someone, who better than a dyke, should expose the issue of DV in our community. This book is great because it exposes a topic that too many of us prefer to keep hush hush. It’s great because it has an intelligent plot and it’s great because it’s a sexy read. Great mix.